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Why take the boring 4hr bus tour to Wave Rock when you can take a breathtaking flight across the heart of WA's farming and salt lake country, to the quaint bush town of Hyden for a tour of Wave Rock.

After approximately 1Hrs flight we will descend into Hyden where you will have uninterrupted views of this fascinating rock formation. The Rock is a granite cliff that is shaped remarkably like a huge wave. Geologists believe that it has taken 2.7billion years of weather, water and chemical erosion for the original granite formation to take on its wave like form. If you like, take a walking tour of the rock and native bushlands, where wildflowers grow in abundance.

Other natural attractions well worth the visit include Hippo's Yawn and Mulka's Cave. The Aboriginal art in Mulka's Cave is some of the best found in the southwest of Western Australia. The area is rich in Aboriginal history: Many stone tools used by the Aborigines have been found and painted hand marks can still be seen.

Hyden also features the largest collection of lace in the southern hemisphere and a toy soldier museum featuring over 40 different scenes from the roman empire to World War II. A visit to the Wildlife Park is worth a visit as it is home to many native animals including white kangaroos, koalas, emus, wombats & reptiles.

Want to see more in WA? We also have flights to Margaret River and Monkey Mia.

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